Example of Works at Agrionic 1993-2003

Brake linear cable actuator system for remote controle tractor

Cable actuator system for throttle and brake controles on a remote control agricultural tractor. This 12 volt mechanism can pull a brake cable with a force of up to 120 pounds and has a force limiting sensor.

Linear actuators for throtle controle on small diesel engines.

Linear actuators developed for throtle control on small diesel engines. Receives a 12 volt PWM signal from a PID controle circuit and moves a shaft conected to the engines throtle lever.

Soil cone penetrometer

This is a soil cone penetrometer instrument that I developed to measure the hardness of soils acording to ASAE standards. The two stainless steel cones follow ASAE dimensions and material specificatios. The instrument above can be dismantled to a small size for easy transport.

Humidity controle and wet bulb sensor

On the left is the yellow air humidity control panel with an adjustment knob. On the far left is an optional control panel for adjusting the ON and OFF times of a pulsed misting system. On the right is the wet bulb humidity sensor inside a wind tunnel with forced air circulation for greater accuracy. The system shown above was powered by solar power 12 volt system using the two cables shown at the bottom. This humidity control (humidistat) was very sucessfull among banana wholesalers for maintaining the high humidity levels necessary durring banana ripening in cold storage rooms.

Dickey-john planter monitor on a Valmet tractor and SLC corn planter

Field testing of a Dickey-john planter monitor (yellow arrow) on a low till corn planter after installation at the farm.

Dickey-john planter monitor on Imasa corn planter.

A typical scene on a corn farm in Brazil with the seed being loaded from bags into the planter hopper. Field evaluation of a Dickey-john planter monitor on a low till corn planter after installation at the farm (my car is at the far left).

GAC-2000 moisture meter __ Digital pocket hygrometer __ Portable soil pH meter  by Takemura

Hand drawn ink illustrations for sales catalog of instruments for agriculture (this was before using Corel Draw and CAD for illustrations)


August 2003

Alan Joughin 2003